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Types of Authentic Mexican Tacos

If you’re going to eat a taco, you may as well enjoy a REAL one, made from only authentic Mexican ingredients and prepared correctly. Anything short of that is bound to end in disappointment. That’s our opinion at Jalisco Mexican Grill and we’re sticking to it.

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So, with that in mind, check out this quick guide to some of our favorite types of authentic Mexican tacos.

Authentic Mexican Tacos

  • Tacos de Carnitas
    • You probably know that carne refers to “meat” in Spanish, but here we would use a carnita (or “little meat”) from some pork shoulder for a nice tender taco. Learn more about Tacos de Carnitas on The Ultimate Taco Tour of Mexico.
  • Tinga Tacos
    • Try this savory taco made from stewed and shredded chicken with lots of chipotle tomatoes, garlic, and a sliver of cane sugar. Top it off with a little lime and cilantro.
  • Tacos de Barbacoa
    • These are super popular in Mexico, based on either beef, goat, or lamb. You slow-cook them with agave leaves and banana and heat them directly over an open flame.
  • Tacos de Birria
    • Birria is a soup made from goat, originating from Jalisco, Mexico. It also serves as a taco option too if you take your taco and dip into it the Birria (similar to a french dip sandwich).
  • Tacos de Pescado
    • Do you enjoy a seafood taco variety? Then you’ll love a good traditional tacos de pescado, made from any strip of fish you like.
  • Tacos al Pastor
    • This classic from Mexico City comes from Lebanese immigrants. You prepare it as marinated pork or other meat and cover it with as much pineapple as you want.

Hopefully, reading about these truly legitimate tacos got you hungry and ready to visit us at Jalisco Mexican Grill. If you want a lot of tacos, we recommend taking advantage of our Family Meal Specials. One of them includes an option for 12 authentic tacos for only $35.

Our full menu has an enormous variety of Mexican entrees, including our Puff tacos, guacamole tacos, and tacos de carnitas. 

Jalisco Mexican Grill offers the tastiest Mexican food anywhere in Sarasota every day of the week. Don’t spend another moment eating sub-par tacos or Mexican. We’ll show you the real deal. Call us for more information at 941-217-4536.

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