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Margaritas are Healthy

Summer is here and the weather is hot!  What better way to cool down than with a refreshing, crisp margarita?!  Did you know that in addition to tasting great and being versatile, margaritas actually have several health benefits?  Grab yourself another marg and read on to learn about the top five health benefits in your glass!

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Margaritas are comprised of tequila and fresh juices.  Most often you’ll find lime in a classic whether it’s frozen or just on the rocks.  Citrus fruits like limes and lemons are extremely rich in vitamin C.  One margarita has 13% of your daily vitamin C needs!

They also aid your digestion, meaning your belly will thank you!  Tequila can help your body’s metabolism, which is why they’re great to pair along with a meal or sip right after without feeling too full.

Many people can’t consume gluten and don’t realize just how many liquors actually contain it.  Tequila is completely grain-free and comes from a blue agave plant.  Gluten-free people rejoice!

Believe it or not, margaritas can aid in weight loss!  Margaritas contain far less sugar than many other mixed drinks because they are made using natural, fresh juices and tequila itself contains natural sugar.  This combo won’t cause your blood sugar to spike as other sweet drinks can.

Last but not least, they can decrease your bad cholesterol, or LDL, levels.  This type of cholesterol leads to plaque in your blood vessels if it gets too high. Tequila has been proven to decrease LDL levels, which helps lower your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

While they offer an abundance of health benefits, keep in mind that margaritas are still alcoholic, so always drink responsibly to truly enjoy them!

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