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Holy Moley, You Should Eat Guacamole!

Guacamole isn’t hard to come by. On the contrary, it’s become one of the most popular condiments in mainstream dining. Originating in Mexico, guacamole is comprised of avocado, lime juice, diced onions, and tomatoes. While it’s sometimes found on food items that don’t necessarily go hand in hand with a healthy diet, consumption of guacamole is beneficial for your health. 

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While tasting great, guacamole provides a substantial amount of fuel to help your body remain in impeccable working order. Guacamole contains a high concentration of fiber to aid in healthy digestion, and Oleic Acid, (also found in olive oil) which can help prevent inflammation of the heart. Aside from being beneficial for heart health and digestion, pureed avocados include a substantial number of vitamins that our bodies need. A ½ cup serving alone provides you with 30% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K, which helps sustain healthy bone tissue. 

The supplementing ingredients in guacamole are good for you in their own separate ways. For example, lime juice contains a considerable amount of anti-oxidants and is rich in vitamin C. Both of which help promote healthier skin and strengthen the immune system. Diced tomatoes provide potassium, whereas onions and cilantro both reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. The potassium found in guacamole can greatly help your nervous system and assist in the recovery of muscle mass. 

While guacamole goes with chips a great deal of the time, too much salt in your diet can result in a high sodium intake, which is a major contributor to elevated blood pressure. Utilizing guacamole in some of your everyday foods will easily prove beneficial over time. Using it on toast and in your Sunday morning omelets is a great way to start. It’s also recommended that you use it as a substitution for mayonnaise, which has a high concentration of fat and is one of the unhealthiest foods to ingest. 

At Jalisco’s Mexican Grill, we offer a healthy alternative to fast food that includes guacamole, lime juice, and fish. The Peruvian dish, Ceviche, contains the nutritional benefits of guacamole with the addition of lime juice to boost anti-oxidants. As a protein, fish is rich in calcium and the American Heart Association recommends two servings a week. 
For Ceviche, guacamole, a plethora of other foods, and the best cocktails this side of the Rio Grande, head on over to dine with us. Because eating healthy should taste incredible.

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