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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Jalisco Mexican Grill warmly welcomes you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with us starting September 15th! It’s a unique commemoration that spans the second half of September through October 15th.

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September 15h is an important date for multiple reasons since it marks the independence of five Central American countries (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica). It’s also the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, an important memorial for Hispanic Catholics. In this piece, we’d like to go over some fun ways to enjoy Hispanic Heritage Month.

Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

  1. Support Hispanic Influencers
    • One way to honor this commemoration is to support and follow Hispanic influencers, of which there are many. Some of them are popular musicians and public figures like Giselle Torres, Ada Rojas, Marc Anthony, or Francisco Viera.
  2. Learn to Speak Spanish
    • Lots of folks have learned to speak fluent Spanish by reading literature or using the popular language program, Rosetta Stone. Imagine the friendship opportunities that would arise from learning a new language, especially in a place like Florida with an ever-growing Hispanic community.
  3. Learn About Mexican Independence
    • Mexico has a terrific history of rebellion against foreign forces, which is too long to fully explain here. We mentioned September 15th as a big independence day, but did you know that Mexican Independence from Spain was September 16, 1810? Some people confuse this with Cinco de Mayo, which was actually a victory for Mexico against French invasion in 1862. Even in the 20th century, Mexican Catholics called Los Cristeros won a war against the communist-atheist government in a huge rebellion between 1926 to 1929.
  4. Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food at Jalisco Mexican Grill
    • Of course, you can’t leave out the culinary aspect of Hispanic Heritage Month, which is where we excel. When’s the best time to enjoy authentic Mexican food at Jalisco Mexican Grill? We recommend joining us for Happy Hour, every Tuesday through Sunday, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. It’s a great time to relax, savor some terrific food, have a few drinks, and take advantage of great deals.
    • Happy Hour Specials: We offer half off of three of your favorite drinks: Dos Equis Beer, Mojitos, and Margarita on the rocks. This goes along with our outstanding menu with dozens of appetizers, entrees, and children’s meals.

You can enjoy Hispanic high culture anytime when you visit Jalisco Mexican Grill in Sarasota, FL. We pride ourselves on the best Mexican cuisine in the area. Call us anytime with questions, comments, or suggestions at 941-217-4536.

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