October 4th Marks National Taco Day

Everybody loves tacos! This mouthwatering cuisine makes an excellent snack, lunch, or dinner. Tacos are customizable to your personal tastes, so you can top your taco with vegetables, meat, cheese, rice, and whatever else your heart desires. For all...

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Tips for Spotting Authentic Mexican Food

There’s nothing like eating authentic Mexican food from a great Mexican restaurant. The gorgeousness of a traditional Mexican dish can blow any restaurant lover away. But how can you tell if your favorite meal is truly authentic? It’s not as easy...

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May is National Salsa Month

When it comes to condiments, salsa is anything but ordinary. This delicious condiment is perfect for dipping chips or adding flavor to a taco. Did you know May is National Salsa Month?

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Benefits of Eating Avocados

Did you know that the first Hass avocado tree ever planted is still healthy and producing fruit? Just like that tree, maybe we could live longer, healthier lives if we ate more avocados! Although the chances of you sprouting into an avocado tree are...

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A Taco Guide by Region

Everybody loves tacos because there is a taco for everybody. No matter what toppings and flavors you enjoy, you can discover a taco that tickles your fancy. Read on for a taco guide by region.

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