7 Mexican Foods to Try

You’ve finally ventured outside of your comfort zone and have started to look at other food options to add to your weekly meal lineup. Or maybe, you’re just looking for something new and awesome to try because you’re a little bored with what you’ve...

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Is It Authentic Mexican Food Or Tex-Mex?

Restaurant food in America combines flavors from around the world. If you have a taste for Mexican cuisine, you may find yourself at a restaurant that serves Tex-Mex. Learn how to determine if your food is authentic Mexican food or Tex-Mex by reading...

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10 Taco Toppings You Can’t Resist

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like tacos. As one of the most popular food staples in North America, there are as many taco stands as there are burger and pizza joints. The only difficulty one might find is deciding what goes on...

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Holy Moley, You Should Eat Guacamole!

Guacamole isn’t hard to come by. On the contrary, it’s become one of the most popular condiments in mainstream dining. Originating in Mexico, guacamole is comprised of avocado, lime juice, diced onions, and tomatoes. While it’s sometimes found on...

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You say Ceviche, I say delicious!

Centuries ago, many believed that a vast fortune existed in Peru. Rumors abounded of a treasure kept by the Inca and cities made of gold. While many of these tall tales are just that, tales, there is one Peruvian treasure that’s very real. And unlike...

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National Fajita Day

What better way to celebrate National Fajita Day on August 18 than at Jalisco Mexican Grill. Not only do we create the perfect fajitas, but we are also the home of the best Margaritas. Check out the flavorsome fajitas we have on our menu, and give...

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