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7 Mexican Foods to Try

You’ve finally ventured outside of your comfort zone and have started to look at other food options to add to your weekly meal lineup. Or maybe, you’re just looking for something new and awesome to try because you’re a little bored with what you’ve been eating recently.

Authentic Mexican tacos with traditional toppings

No matter what the reason is, you’ve come to the right spot because we have a list of great cuisine for you to try–Mexican. And we know what you’re thinking, where do you begin? Today we’re going to tell you about seven Mexican food items that you need to try right now!

1. Quesadilla

Who hasn’t had a quesadilla by now? It’s okay if you haven’t jumped on the wagon because now’s your time. Quesadillas are similar to flatbreads in the way that they come with meats, cheeses, and sometimes peppers in between a flour tortilla. They’re almost a sandwich but not quite. What they really are is delicious. When you’re looking for some finger food that packs a filling punch, you can’t go wrong with a Quesadilla!

2. Taco

With their ever-growing popularity via chains like Taco Bell, by now you’ve probably heard of a little-known food item known as the taco. Tacos can come in two varieties–hardshell or softshell. The softshell is usually a soft tortilla whereas the hard shell is usually a crunchy hard tortilla. The typical fixings are beef/chicken, lettuce, tomato, and salsa. But the fillings are really up to you!

3. Sopa de Fideo 

Ready for some comfort food? Then Sopa de Fideo is just for you. What it is is pretty much a delicious soup that comes in a variety of flavors with a hint of spice. The good thing about this food is that it falls on the healthy scale. You don’t have to feel bad about eating this one because of its healthier ingredients.

4. Jarritos

Are you familiar with soda or what they used to call ‘pop’ in the western world? Then you’ll get this next one. Jarritos are pretty much the soda of Mexico. Translating into the term ‘little jug’, this sweet drink is enjoyed with most Mexican cuisine and can even give you a bit of a sugar rush.

5. Carne Asada

Okay so maybe you’re looking to try something new but you also want to stick to what you know to an extent so that you don’t make a terrible choice. That makes sense–so it sounds like the dish that would be right up your alley is Carne Asada! With a name that rolls right off the tongue, this dish is similar to steak or roast beef with a Mexican twist of spices.

6. Tortas

Tortas are very similar if not exactly like burritos which are tortillas rolled up and filled with a variety of meats and other ingredients like onions and spices. This one can be super filling and fall almost in the comfort food zone of categories.

7. Flan

Last but certainly not least our list of foods to try is in the dessert category and is known as Flan. Flan is a fluffy and light dessert that emphasizes flavor over texture. It’s a sweet dish mainly made of eggs and sugar and doesn’t leave the eater too full. It’s the perfect Mexican dessert if you’re aiming to try something new. 

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